I’m deeply fascinated by all types  of design, from restaurant experiences and signage to the digital world of well crafted, intuitive UI, and everything in between.

As a designer, I thrive on conducting thorough research, workshopping real-world possibilities, empathizing with end-users, and consulting with stakeholders to create effective solutions. While every project presents its unique set of challenges, I approach each one with the same level of dedication and attention to detail. I value early project collaboration and prioritize building meaningful relationships with colleagues.

To me, collaboration is the key to unlocking limitless creative potential. Working alongside talented and driven individuals is what keeps me inspired, motivated, and always striving for more. I believe in sharing knowledge, ideas, and experiences to create the most meaningful and innovative designs. Nothing excites me more than empowering my colleagues to reach new heights and surpass their own expectations. That's why I'm always eager to lend my support and guidance, and to encourage others to tap into their own creativity and achieve their full potential.

Me walking the streets of New York
Work Experience
2021 - Now
Product Design Lead
2020 - 2022
Head of Design
Pixel Union
2018 - 2021
Design Lead
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Peer Feedback
Your peers and reports all have great things to say, and there were definitely some common themes. First is in your intentional approach to work, which is calm, thoughtful, patient, and curious. You tend to provide value to every interaction or project you're a part of. The next was around your communication style: you ask good questions, you're a great listener, and you give feedback in an empathetic manner. Finally, you're a good leader. You raise people up, are eager to help and educate, advocate for your team, and are trustworthy. The quality of everything goes up when you’re involved.
Thank you for the countless design sessions you’ve orchestrated for us over the past few months. Your schedule is always jam-packed, yet you always make time. Whether it’s getting quick feedback on a design, helping me get a project off the ground, or an in-person brainstorm session to map out the entire applicant process, I always come out of our conversations better.

Not only are you an incredible designer, and a kick-ass mentor, but you’re an even better human. The care you have for our team doesn’t go unnoticed. You constantly lift up those around you, even in the quiet moments when others may not be looking.
Product Manager
Wanted to share that I appreciate what a great collaborator you are. When I'm struggling with a feature design, I know I can chat with you for 30 minutes and we'll solve it. You're also the fastest mock-up maker this side of the Mississippi! I'm like, can you do that this week? And you get it done, I really appreciate you.
You demonstrate that this value alignment not only meets a high standard, it is high and above. You embody and embrace all that makes up for a safe environment for collaboration, sharing, diversity, inclusion, respect and one that is joyful. You are always asking us, how we are, how was our weekend etc., you show that you care about us as people, but you're interested in what we do outside of work. Something so simple, yet it makes for a good and caring environment.

While, I will take a moment to speak on a few fellow female co-workers behalf, theres a shared sentiment that you are creating a safe and respectful work space, but we see that you also recognize that more work is needed for all.