Hey, I’m Marcus. I’m a senior design lead living and working from Canada. Read more or email me.

A little about me

I’m deeply fascinated by all types and aspects of design, from restaurant experiences and signage to the digital world of well crafted, intuitive UI, and everything in between.

As a designer, I thrive on conducting thorough research, workshopping real-world possibilities, empathizing with end-users, and consulting with stakeholders to create effective solutions. While every project presents its unique set of challenges, I approach each one with the same level of dedication and attention to detail. I value early project collaboration and prioritize building meaningful relationships with colleagues.

As a lead, collaboration is the key to unlocking limitless creative potential. Working alongside talented and driven individuals is what keeps me inspired, motivated, and always striving for more. I believe in sharing knowledge, ideas, and experiences to create the most meaningful and innovative designs.

Experience I bring

Accessibility / Art Direction / Design Systems / Creative Direction / Content writing / Site Architecture / Interactive Prototyping / Usability Testing / User Research / Web & App Design

Companies and brands I’ve solved problems with

Ford Germany / Skydio / Metalab / Argent / Viome / Bigcommerce / Viberg / Kicking Horse Coffee / Cntral / Fatso / Inez / Sam Harris / MakeUseOf / mnml / Weebly

Work Experience

2021 - Now

Product Design Lead at Certn

2020 - 2022

Head of Design at MarineTree

2018 - 2021

Design Lead at Pixel Union

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2016 - 2018

Senior Designer at Pixel Union

2013 - 2016

UI Designer at Pixel Union

2011 - 2013

Web Designer at RevenueWire