Intention and purpose

This is a two part dissection. First, speaking to the intention of the notes, and second explaining what you're seeing visually.


For too long I’ve held on to business ideas, advice and lessons learned, and other pieces that I think would be helpful, insightful, or inspiring to a at least a single person. So it begins today.

I always have a constant stream of ideas that I can never turn off. So I want to share those in the event that they spark a flurry of excitement in the reader and they want to work on it with me to make them reality. They’re either formed from something I’ve overheard in a conversation, or just filling my time while waiting for a plane to take-off. They spiral and develop very quickly, and always leave me with frustration, not knowing how to make it a reality. Also, if you know how to break through that wall, email me and let me know.

As for advice and lessons learned, I do want to share things that I wish were shared with me throughout the years before I made the mistakes to learn from them. I want to give someone the tools and knowledge, as we all feel lost and completely out of our element and think that everyone else knows more than you, or has their shit together, when they really don’t and are struggling just like yourself.

Visual design

Designing you're own site fucking sucks. It's a constantly moving goal post that will never reach a point of satisfaction. We are our own worst clients, and there will always be "one more thing" you can add, change, or design. Is it ever complete? Nope.

Every time I'm going through a redesign, I want to add so much content and design flair, to try and show some sprinkle of personality, but it always falls short and I just want to strip everything back because of the constant battle in my head of "no one is going to care about that shit." And I think I'm right.

Over the years I’ve design and built so many versions of a portfolio, thinking “this is going to be cool”. But for who? Only me, so I drop it and shift direction. There are versions out there that look like Commodore 64 interfaces, Alien (the move) terminals, and other odd ideas. Always coming back to simple.

In recent times I’ve been inspired by the layouts on and Anthony Hobday current versions and really appreciate the intention and purpose.
Anthony Hobday

Get to the point. So that’s where the main visual driver has come from. Thanks to Webflow I can make this happen faster than every before and don’t feel bad about having to make changes last minute.

See ya soon.